There are different delivery charges for different sellers.

Is there any option for free delivery?

Though we don't have any free delivery option but we offer free delivery on all or some products from time to time for our valuable customers. The buyers can check free-delivery option in the pop-ups appearing on the website or at the checkout page.

If I had to return a product, how can I arrange its pick-up?

It is really easy for the buyers to return a product with Dalmia BestPrice. Click on the return tab and choose one of the reasons listed in the dropdown and it's done.

Our channelled courier partner will pick up the item from your doorstep. If in any case, the channelled courier partner is not able to pick up the product, you can return the product through any other courier service. The return fees in such cases are borne by Dalmia BestPrice.

Why the delivery date does not match the shipping timeline of X-Y business days?

There are chances that either our courier partners or the sellers may have a holiday in between the time when you placed the order and the estimated delivery date. In such cases, we have to add a day in the expected date of delivery. There are many sellers and courier partners who take a day off on Sundays is also factored for the variations in the delivery timelines.

What is the estimated/approximate time for delivery?

In most cases, the sellers deliver the item in the stipulated time that is mentioned on the product page which is usually 3-5 working days.

The approximate time for delivery is hugely influenced on the below-given factors:

Why the estimated time of shipping differs for different sellers?

Most of you might have noticed that there are different delivery timings for the same product from different sellers. The delivery time depends on the availability of the product, delivery address of the buyer, seller's geographical location and the time taken by the courier to deliver the product at your location.

To precisely know about the delivery time, it is recommended you to enter the pin code on the product page itself. However, once entered, you don't have to write it if you visit the website again.

Why the Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) option is not available in my location?

The CoD depends on the capacity of our partnered courier service delivering at your location to accept cash as the mode of payment at the time of product shipping.

There are limitations on our courier partners of accepting cash amount at the time of delivery. These limitations depend on the destination of the customer and the order value. There would be unavailability of CoD if the product exceeds this cash limit. To know if CoD is available at your location or not, kindly check your area pin code on the product page

What are the hidden charges like Sales Tax, GST, etc. on the products that are sold by sellers on Dalmia BestPrice?

Dalmia BestPrice never lists any of its products with hidden charges in it. There is NO HIDDEN CHARGE on our items. The prices listed on our website are final and inclusive of all the charges. Our customers would only pay the amount that they see on the product page.

However, in the e-commerce industry, delivery charges are not considered as hidden charges. You can see the shipping charges (if applicable or free) at the check out page.

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